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08 September 2008 @ 02:51 pm
Pleeeeaaase read this:  
I know I actually don't post here anymore and that it's completely off-topic but it's quite urgent...


...with my German homework. We have to make a survey on the question:

What is luck/happiness?
How do you personally define luck/happiness?
(the problem is: the German word "Glück" means both luck and happiness so define whichever you like...although I think my teacher meant happiness...)

You could do me a huuuuge favour by filling out the following (very short) form (all comments are screened).

. I don't need a real definition, just your personal opinion and it may be very short.
. None of your date/answers will be published & you stay anonymous
. You may also answer in (Swiss)German or French (if you feel more comfortable in any of these)

Thank You!