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tutorial VI: Marissa

this is for several people who asked for a tutorial for the icons of my last post.

from to

other icons made with this technique or similar*:

step one
duplicate the base and set to screen (mine was duplicated twice; first 100% opacity, second 66% opacity)

(step two and three (+ a some settings from four) are from this tutorial by nightcomes)

step two
add a new layer, fill it with #110202 and set it to exclusion (100%)

step three
add a new layer, fill it with #FEEDED and set it to color burn (100%)

step four
make a selective color adjustment layer with the following settings:
C: +15 | M: -11 | Y: +3 | B: +11

step five
make another selective color adjustement layer with these settings:
C: 0 | M: 0 | Y: +10 | B: -22
C: +4| M: +6 | Y: -20 | B: -33
C: -2 | M: +7 | Y: 0 | B: +15

step six
make a new curves adjustment layer, set these points and make the opacity to about 39%.
Input; 121 | Output; 153

1st: Input; 164 | Output; 206
2nd: Input; 123 | Output; 74

step seven
make a new hue/saturation adjustment layer. set:
master: saturation; +12

step eight
make a color balance adjustment layer.
shadows: +7 | +4 | +14
midtones: 0 | -17 | +22
highlights: -4 | 0 | +25

that's all!

*: chages could be:
less opacity on the color burn layer.
duplicating the color balance adjustment layer.
increasing the saturation.
changing the numbers on the adjustment layers.
adding a color layer (#D1BA0F). set it to multiply at about 10% opacity.

i'd love to see what you come up with!
btw: this time i won't upload any psd files or similar.
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